Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diaper Review--Ones&Twos.

Welcome to our newest diaper review here at The Mama Life.

Today  I will be reviewing the Ones&Twos brand AIO cloth diaper.  I received two of these diapers as my freebies with promo code from Kelly's Closet.  I had not heard much about this brand prior to receiving them, but was excited to add 2 new fluffs to my stash.

Before I go into my actual review, I'll talk quickly about what I liked upon first glace:

  • AIO with sewn in soaker--I have 2 BG Freetimes and love them, but I did feel they seemed slightly bulky with the two "flap" style inserts that were attached.  The Ones&Twos has a more streamline appearance and from the looks of it, would seem to be more trim than other AIOs.  
  • Extra soaker included---A small, MF soaker (with soft material on the side that touches baby's bum) is included to adjust the absorbency of the diaper.  
  • Super soft lining-  I loved the super soft inside of the diaper. 
  • Size options- This is an AIO OS diaper, but it is one of the only diapers I have seen that gets so small.  On its smallest setting, with the hook and look to the tightest fit and the rise on the smallest setting, it is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than any of my others, including Oh Katy, which in my opinion get pretty close.  

Now on to the review.........

Yesterday was day 2 of 24 hour cloth. LJ woke up in his BG 4.0 and I changed him into his Ones&Twos.  We came downstairs and I laid him on his playmat to relax while I made breakfast, let the dog out and other morning chores. These chores took maybe a good 30 minutes.  I ate breakfast and went to pick him up as he was crying, and that's when I saw it.... 

that dreaded telltale leak mark, all up his front and near his legs.  Now, keep in mind that I had adjusted the diaper appropriately, with a snug but not TOO snug fit and the correct rise. When I had dressed him, there wasn't any gap by the tummy or the "bump out" ridge that sometimes happens and drives me nuts trying to avoid.  And for any mamas of boys... everything was pointing in the right direction too! 

When I removed the diaper, I noticed that the front half was totally saturated, especially near the waist. 

Needless to say... I don't think I will be buying any more of these.  To be fair, I will give my other Ones&Twos a go, and then try them again with the additional soaker attached, but considering I do not double stuff any of my pockets and never have leaking issues with the others...this will most likely become my "laundry day" dipe. Keep in mind though, that this is only MY experience so you very well may find them to be perfect for your child! 

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