Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Diaper Review- Lovely Pocket Diapers

Hello fluff fans! It's time for another diaper review.

Today was laundry day for the fluff.  Over the past few days I have primarily used our bumgenius and Oh Katy diapers.  While these were not "out" yet, I had a wet bag with diapers from Sunday through now, so I figured it time for a wash.  That meant that today would be my Alva and Lovely Pocket day.

Now that I have had a bit more experience in the cloth diapering world, it was interesting to return to my "cheaper" diapers and see how they compare.

The verdict? I think I actually like the Lovely Pockets MORE than I had when I first bought them.

Here's why:

  • Adorable fabrics and patterns-- I just LOVE the variety that LP offers.  While I do enjoy the cute solid colors of BG, the solids from LP just seem brighter to me. Then there are the adorable minky fabrics.  SO soft and so cute! 
  • Trim fit--When I had first used these diapers on LJ about a month ago, they seemed bulky.  Maybe it was that he was smaller at the time. Maybe it was because I had not yet met bumgenius (don't get me wrong! I love my 4.0s!  They just are much bulkier).  Whatever the reason, I noticed that when stuffed with a single insert, these diapers a far thinner than other brands.  LJ still has a cute fluffy butt, but they definitely are trimmer fitting, which is a plus.  
  • Crossover snaps--the traditional LP includes crossover snaps. I usually have a big love/hate relationship with crossovers, as they always end up causing pinching as I try to match the correct snap to allow for a snug crossover.  LP had just the right spacing to make the crossover perfect! A nice snug fit on my little guy, without any muffin top or red lines on tummy or legs. 
  • The cost-- A cloth mamas favorite part... Lovely Pockets offer the classic style for a mere $7.00 ($7.50 for the fuzzy and pattern fabrics). They also offer the "Rave" which is similar to Alva Baby's colored snap pockets for only $12 ($12.50 for fuzzy fabrics).  I have one of these in the "older" style and love it. 
  • Local (USA) distributor-- While these diapers ARE made overseas in China, the owner of the company distributes them from right here in the US! That means quick shipping and great customer service! I think it took me about 3 days to get my diapers. MUCH better than the typical 2-3 weeks for Alva or other overseas distributors. 

What's the difference between the Classic and the Rave? 
  • The Classic:
    • The classic is your typical pocket. It has crossover snaps and includes 1 MF insert, has 3 rise options. They offer a single set of leg gussets and have a pocket opening in the back. 
  • The Rave:
    • The Rave features a double row of snaps, a 4 snap rise, double pocket openings and double gussets. 

I'm happy that I did get my bumgenius diapers, don't get me wrong, but I honestly believe that you would not be going wrong by creating a stash solely based on Lovely Pocket Diapers.  They are equally as absorbent as my BG (at least during the day. I have not yet used them overnight), and I have yet to have a leak of either the poop or pee variety! I really do love that they are trimmer. They also would be great for a diaper bag if you choose not to use the Flip System, since they are trimmer than BG.  And did I mention... the adorable prints??? You really cannot go wrong with them! 

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