Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diaper Review--- Flip Diapers

Ok here it is... the first review of my many new additions to my stash!

Back in the beginning of July, I decided to take my remaining gift card and purchase one of each of a few different cloth diaper brands, including: Flip, Oh Katy, Fuzzibunz, BumGenius 4.0 pocket and Freetime.  I did a "cloth diaper day" to see which ones I liked best.  To be entirely honest, I loved all of them except for the Fuzzibunz. Maybe it was just my son, but even on the suggested setting, and even on a smaller one, the leg openings still were too big. Plus, he soaked the soaker with one pee.  They're cute, but I liked others better.

Flip system appealed to me for a variety of reasons:

  • Diaper bag friendly---Because I'm the type mama who likes to always be prepared, I tend to over pack.  This is/was one of my major concerns with cloth diapering, as they definitely take up more space than your typical sposie.  I never leave my house without 5 diapers (disposable), so how on Earth could I do that with cloth?  The answer is Flip.  The covers are reusable (if poop gets on a cover, though, you will want to change it) so 2 in the bag is usually a safe bet. They're rather thin and you probably could carry 4 or more in one pocket of a diaper bag if you wanted.  As for the inserts, I have both the stay dry micro fiber ones and some of the organic cotton ones.  The organics might be a bit bulkier, as they are more of a typical prefold look, so I chose to travel with my stay dries.  I was able to fit three in the bag, but could have fit more if I wanted.  
  • Flaps to keep the insert down:   There is both a front and a back flap to help secure the insert. It doesn't snap in, which might have been nice making it more of an AI2, but I have yet to have bunching or moving issues with the insert.   My little guy is starting to be a big wiggler, and the inserts stay in place just fine! :) 
  • The fit:  For those who are BumGenius fans, these have the same design as other Cottonbabies brand diapers, including, my personal favorite...the stretchy tabs.  Other fluff out there have crossover tabs, but the actual tabs don't have much stretch making it difficult to get a "just right" fit. With Cottonbabies, both the hook and look and snap dipes feature a slight stretch to the tab, allowing for a more customized fit.  With my little guy, this means I can prevent leaking through the leg openings, while also getting a snug and comfy fit at the waist.  
After using the one Flip I had purchased, I knew I would want to buy more when I went on my fluff spree.  I decided to buy a Day Pack from which features a build your own pack including 2 covers and 6 inserts. The base price, with 6 Stay-Dry inserts, is $49.95, but you have the option of selecting the organic inserts instead for an additional $1.66 per insert. 

I purchased mine in Mirror (LOVE this color!) and Moonbeam.  

Today, LJ has worn his BG 4.0, his Oh Katy, and his Flip. We actually took him to go see a movie and I decided to take the Flip for a second test run. This time, he wore it for almost 4 hours (yes, bad mama.) without even the slightest complaint. He will almost ALWAYS scream as soon as he feels wet, so I take this as a great sign that the Flip Stay-Dry inserts do a good job wicking away moisture.  With all of our errands, I did not get to find a place to change him until we got back home. When I did, the insert was saturated, but did not leak in the slightest.  My little guy is a heavy wetter too most of the time.  

All in all, while I love pockets, I would definitely say that the Flip diaper system is going to become a staple in my diaper bag and will definitely become my new "on the go" cloth solution! 


  1. We love our flips too-our favorite is the Albert design.

  2. I've seen that one! It definitely is on the list of fluff to get!