Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Mama Memory

LJ is almost 4 months old.  I sit here, watching him sleep, and think to myself how quickly the time has passed. My little monkey, the squishy bundle of cuddles and nuzzles is growing so quickly before my eyes.  Sometimes I just stare at him, in awe of this little person that M and I created.  Those dimples? Those are mine. Those long, elegant eyelashes scream daddy's boy. And that smile...oh that's a smile all his own, with the crooked little grin and the flash of his prominent brow.

So often we get lost in the day to day, the rushing and comings and goings of life as a parent.  What do I need to pick up at the store? What's next on my list to clean and when will I ever get to that pile of pinterest projects? But right now... all I want to do is soak up the love and glow that is my son, embracing every minute of his precious life and the gift he brings into mine.


  1. So true & good! Your newest follower! Would love for you to follow back!?

  2. Sure thing! On my way over to you now...