Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A spree of the fluff variety!

The other day I went on a fluff spending spree. It was a spree of the best kind...using gift money we had received from LJ's birth.  Now that the little guy is big enough to really wear his OS dipes, I decided it time to finally build my stash.

When I was still pregnant with LJ, the mamas in my birth board on BBC introduced me to the wondrous world of cloth diapering.  Of course, my family all thought I was think I am  crazy, but I loved the idea and spent hours stalking cottonbabies.com, kellyscloset.com, nickisdiapers.com and several others.  I started my stash with Thirsties Duo Wraps in Size 1 with Indian prefolds, and was super glad I had done so, as little man ended up being a tiny guy compared to what I had been expecting.  Being that I nurse, I love that I can just put the dipes into the wet bag and not have to worry about any other prep work prior to washing.  Prefolds and covers were nice, but ultimately I knew I would want to invest in pockets and AIO OS dipes, as a large part of my reasoning to go cloth was to save money and I liked that I could buy diapers that would fit him from birth through potty training.

I started by buying a few Alva and Lovely Pocket diapers, as I did not want to spend a lot upfront.  I found that they both did a good job at keeping everything in, with no leaks after an average of 2.5 hours of wear.  The Lovely Pockets did fit larger than the Alvas, and I found myself wishing for a bit of a snugger fit in the waist, but overall I liked them.  When LJ officially fit well into the Alvas, I took the remainder of our gift card  and bought a variety of individual fluff to try out before building my stash. I bought:

  • Fuzzibunz Elite
  • BG 4.0
  • BG Freetime
  • Kawaii
  • Oh Katy
  • Flip
  • Imagine AIO 
  • Imagine pocket
I'll make a post reviewing each of these brands later, but overall my favorites were cottonbabies brand (BG and Flip) and Oh Katy.  I LOVED the stretchy tabs on BG and Flip, they allowed me to get a more secure and custom fit for LJ. I also loved Oh Katys, with their inside hip snap, allowing for a better leg opening fit.  

Ok, enough about my preferences... what did I end up buying????

Being a couponing mama, I wanted to get the best bang for my buck.  I found Kelly's Closet, and saw they were offering a promo for a free AIO OS diper with a $69 purchase.  They also had the Oh Katy promo going, for Buy 4 get 1 free for about $72.  I immediately jumped on this! 6 diapers for $72?! Yay!  

The promo code (FREEAIO), is still available through today, and you are able to use it twice (in separate orders).  I ended up doing this with a FLIP day pack and wet bag purchase too, spending $98 (with shipping)  for 2 Flip covers, 6 inserts, a large hanging wet bag and the free AIO dipe.  You also get free shipping for orders over $49, but I chose to pay for the UPS shipping.  

I also found a great deal on BG 4.0 through Cottonbabies.com... they ran the $86.90 special of buy 5 get 1 free, but also had a promo code for a free BG 4.0 with a $75 purchase :) 

I feel quite accomplished! :) 


  1. Thank you so much for the great shout out to Kelly's Closet. We're so glad to hear you are happy with your purchase and our service. Have a great time enjoying your new fluff! ~Calley from @DiaperShops

  2. Thanks, Calley. I always love finding a great company with great people! Can't wait for my fluff to get here!