Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Heart

As you may recall from my super fluff shopping spree this past weekend, I excitedly ordered some new BumGenius fluff from  I have ordered from them in the past, ordering my very first cloth items back in February and it had been a great experience.

I must say I was not disappointed the second time around.  I have had experience buying cloth now from 4 different retailers:,,, and (as well as Alva Baby and, but they only sell their brand so I am not counting them as part of this review.) I have had great experiences with each retailer thus far, but I must say Cottonbabies is one of my favorites for a few reasons:

  1. FREE shipping. Completely free. As in, no minimum purchase ever. This is great when you may want to buy one diaper, try out some new toys, or just need a refill on your inserts, and don't want to have to  make the minimum $49 or more order in order to get free shipping. 
  2. QUICK shipping. Not only do they ship their items for free, they also ship SUPER quickly! I placed my order Sunday and received my new fluff in the mail today (Wednesday).  I have to say that out of the 3 orders placed (plus a replacement order placed through Nicki's diapers that same day), they are the winners. My other items from Kelly's Closet, which I had paid extra to have UPS ship out sooner, won't be here until tomorrow.  Now, UPS means the shipment is insured which is definitely a plus when  shipping fluff, but hey, fast and free shipping is awesome in my book! 
  3. HUGE selection.  Not all mamas are crunchy. Not all mamas like fluff. But pretty much ANY mama can find something she needs (and wants!) at  They sell practically everything today's mama could need, from cloth (obviously) and accessories, baby toys, feeding supplies and gear such as carriers, strollers and car seats, to nursing clothing and pregnancy/postpartum supplies! 
And now, here you have it my beautiful fluff!:


  1. I also use cloth diapers, saves so much money! We have yet to buy diapers, and we wash all our own. So much easier on a rainy day that's for sure!

  2. It definitely does! And you get the plus of the LO having the cutest bum around! :)