Friday, August 3, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday----Belated!

Hi my lovely readers!

I apologize for being bad Mama and not having posted my Wishlist Wednesday this week. We've had lots of doctor appointments this week between the little guy and myself (I recently had gallbladder surgery... one of the perks of motherhood!), so I guess it will have to be Wishlist Friday this week!

Anyways... this week I have some super fun things to add to my wishlist! So let's get started.....

1) Chewbeads (Hudson style) 

Isn't it just adorable???? I saw a blog post on Cotton Babies' blog about new finds for parents, and fell in LOVE. I adore the color. I adore the funky-ness of this piece. I adore the price ($36.50). To make this even MORE amazing, Chewbeads were specifically created for mamas with babies who are in that oh so fun chewy, mouthy, handsy phase.  The beads are 100% silicone, just like many pacis and nipples. They're free of harmful ickies such as BPA and are totally safe for babies to do as they please.  Plus, my favorite feature----the breakaway clasp. No need to worry about little Hercules snapping that necklace and breaking it for good! Jewelry for me + a toy for LJ? I'm in! Click here to get yours!

2) The New Clothesline Co. DUO (in lime green)

I found this on Kelly's Closet's website  from the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt and am totally in love with this! My neighborhood homeowner's association does not allow clotheslines. So far, I have just laid my covers out on the patio table, but good old Mr. Wind tends to foil my efforts at drying outside.  For only $19.99, this seems like a great alternative! I love that it folds into itself, since I have a little bit of a clean house fetish and don't like having clutter out when I don't need it.  I also love that it comes in green... can you tell that's my favorite color? This "clothesline" will hold 16 covers, which is a great amount! Get yours here!

Until next week!

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