Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mommy---the only person I want to be...

I've been home with my little LJ for the entire week so far. Poor little guy has a nasty bug featuring a super fun congested phlegm-y cough and high fever.  It is truly the saddest thing in the world to me... he looks up during his coughing attack with this look of terror and implores me to help with his little blue eyes. "Mom!" they cry, "help me! What is happening??".  It's so unbelievably sad.

This week has had me realize just how much being a Mama really means to your child.  The love that you receive from your child is the purest and most incredible love there is.  To LJ, (his Daddy and) I am his entire world. I'm the security, the answer to everything that is scary or new.  If something doesn't feel right, Mommy's arms are where he wants to be and are better than any medicine I can offer.  The look in his eyes when I pick him up, rocking him and singing my "Mommy loves you" song---that look of love, trust and thanks... it makes every stress, every other thing that seems important vanish, and the only thing I want to do, the only person I want to Mommy.

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